Instructions for setting 3 time zones on the Airman GMT/UTC models


Hour and minute hand on normal 12 hour markings. It's a GMT watch so one can not see if it is PM or AM.(in this case you know because you life at GMT+1)
Operate crown (as stated in time setting instructions below) and place the red 24 hour hand on the desired hour of the 24 hour scale on the dial.
Example: Amsterdam 12 hour scale 10.09
GMT/UTC 24 hour scale 09:09
Red 24 hour hand at 09:09 on dial will mark GMT/UTC time.
Operate the bezel:
Airman Ref. 3764, 3830 and 3840:
Turn steel bezel until desired time is opposite to the red 24 hour hand.
Airman Ref. 3820 and 3831: Release the steel bezel by turning the second crown backwards not more than one quarter turn. Now turn steel bezel until desired time marking on bezel is opposite to the red 24 hour hand.
Example: GMT/UTC 24 hour scale 09:09
New Zealand 24 hour scale 21:09
As long as you do not change the position of the red 24 hour hand, you can read New Zealand time on the steel topring.

GLYCINE AIRMAN - time setting instructions
The AIRMAN watch has a screw-down crown which you have to unscrew for time-setting and corrections of calendar and 24 hour hand. In order to secure waterproof quality, it is essential to screw the crown tight after every correction (press crown slightly against the case).


Completely screwed tight: No correction possible.
2. Crown unscrewed and slightly pulled to reach the intermediate "correction" position (first click):
by turning left (counter clockwise) you select the calendar day of month
by turning right (clockwise), you move the red 24 hour hand to the desired 24 hour mark on the dial
3. Crown unscrewed and pulled out completely: normal time setting of hour and minute hand.